9months and beyond and the Project Prenatal Education in the Schools

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About us

"9months and Beyond"

Our Association divides its activities into two main areas: Prenatal Education in the Schools, and Prenatal Education to future parents.

These areas are tailored to individual user groups, other organizations, corporations and similar associations, and are involved in both Education and Training.

The activities of "9 months and beyond" are intended to provide basic background, knowledge and information to young people about the prenatal experience, skills, abilities and needs of the intrauterine baby, in order to prevent inconvenience, promoting health protection, good parental intentions, a better sense of responsibility with regards to the emotional and relational experiences amongst young people and a more conscious management of pregnancy which must be understood and experienced as a circular area of communication.

In secondary school, the adolescent student represents a subject that is particularly susceptible to preventive intervention, as he is in a developmental stage where his need for a love relationship is of vital importance.

It was after an experiment, conducted 9 years ago in some schools, that the Association "9 months and beyond " was founded in order to start working with a more structured project.



- Dr. Gabriella A. Ferrari
BC degree in Languages, MA in French and English language; former English teacher.
Experience with expectant parents since 1974; President of the Association "
9 months and beyond" ;
Vice President ISPPM; Founder, co-coordinator and teacher of ISPPE
International School of Prenatal and Perinatal Education of ANEP Italia; Founder and member of IEC International Educational Committee of ISPPM ; Founder and Director of the International Project “Prenatal Education in Schools" .
Author of three books on pregnancy; Author of the video DVD video "
First interactions" 2010

- Dr Luisa Romei
Psychologist of the evolutionary age, Counsellor (Institute of Psychoanalytical Psychology of Brescia), Teacher, Teacher in the ANEP School ISPPE International School of Prenatal and Perinatal Education.

- Edi Migliorini
Prenatal Tutor, didactic co - coordinator of ISPPE International School of Prenatal and Perinatal Education.

- MD Guido Dalla Rosa Prati, European Diagnostic Centre, Co Manager of the School Project.
- Dr Stefano Dini Graduate of Political Science, Counsellor graduated in ASPIC and Systemic Family Constellation, School Project Manager for Milan.
- Dr Paola Ferrari,
Teacher and Professor of English Language in schools
. Dr Simona Gardini,
Psychologist, Researcher at the Department of Neurosciences at Parma University
Dr Emanuela Iappini, Psychologist
Maria Grazia Tomasi, teacher of Reiky second level
- Dr Daria Vettori.Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Center for Families, Center for Educational and Consulting Group "Af trust of the Municipality of Parma.Author of numerous publications.


Dr Cristina Fiore,
ACP Counsellor, N. 3031 CNCP, President of the Association
" Bene con sè bene insieme", trainer, expert in communication techniques; Prenatal Tutor, co-educational coordinator and lecturer in the School ISPPE; School Project Manager for Chiavari and Genova.

Dr Stefano Dini,
Graduate of Political Science, Counsellor graduated in ASPIC and Systemic Family Constellation.

Dr Olga Gouni,
Psychologist and Psychoterapist


- Roberta Ampollini Accountant, Clerk, Scholar of the issues of adolescence and prenatal life

- Linda Bonini, Gianni Ghirardi, Dr. Paola Pavesi, Maria Grazia Tomasi, Liviana Varesi, Dr. Luciana Zucchelli Linda Gazzea ...

"Prenatal Education in Schools"

Many professionals are working within the Association, with various capacities in the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Education, and also many people who generously and voluntarily collaborate in our Project for the Schools: their main goal is to provide the adolescents with an integrated view of prenatal life and to highlight the importance of the parents-baby relationship with regards to the psycho physical and emotional development of their child.

With this project we are not merely trying to pass knowledge an information, but to promote conditions for shared experiences, in order to allow the adolescents to become proactive and motivated communicators, thus producing new learning opportunities.

The project is proving to have a very good chance of implementation and development, allowing us to envisage a future full of new and large interventions in the areas of education and training.

Moreover, the feedback given by the adolescents in response to the interventions proposed in the prenatal education classes, are an important contribution and a powerful stimulus for further research in the field of Psychology and Education.

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